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The Otherworldly Academy
Headquarters to the Researchers of the Unknown

The Beyond
The Nether between realities
An eldritch shadow between worlds

Home to the ghostly and the uncanny
Nothing you see is real
Everything you touch is shadow

You failed the Academy
You owe it more than your soul
Relics are your only hope

Nekrovon - Into the Beyond is a tabletop roleplaying game made by husband and wife Walter Licínio and Érika Antunes.

It was developed as a supplemental product for Chris McDowall's Electric Bastionlandduring the Eclectic Bastion Jam, but can be easily adapted to suit your own TTRPG world.

In this book, you will find more about the Nekrovon Academy, a place where people go to learn about the eldritch mysteries of the universe, and the Beyond, a new plane of existence, full of ghosts, specters, vampires, demons and everything paranormal, with their own twisted tropes.

- Complete Rules Summary for picking up and playing.
- 2 New Regions for your group to explore.
- 6 New Failed Careers connected to the Nekrovon academy or the uncanny Beyond, like the Fluidologist and the Synthetic Cryptid
Spark Table for generating eldritch, paranormal and demonic ideas.
-10 New Antagonists from the Beyond, like the Cthonic Vampire, the Lycanthropic Salesman and the Men from the Sky.
- 8 New Relics from the Beyond, like the Whip of the Mad Clown and the Continuum Zweihander.
Touchstones and Random Encounters tables for when you need some quick ideas for your session.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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I'm simply amazed! I feel like i know the academy, but at the same time i don't! It's like i'm a researcher or student who has barely scratched the surface of the eldritch nature of Nekrovon and, for me, that's the perfect vibe. It gives me a lot to think and implicit themes that keep my mind going at full speed. Everything screams mystery and wonder, from the charater options, to the Antagonists, to Touchstones, random encounters and Relics. What an absolute blast!!!


Thank you so much for the review, TorTheVic! I'm really glad you liked Nekrovon! 
I want it to have the same feeling of Bastion, in the sense that it can be whatever you need it to be, to explore the mysteries you want to solve. You can throw whichever supernatural, horror, paranormal themes there and it will "make sense" because the Academy studies them all.